Baby it’s getting cold outside…

We have the answer! Layer your favorite short sleeve top with a longsleeve burnout to make the transition into winter without the need for a whole new wardrobe! Here are a few of our favorites!

Be sure to check out or collection of longsleeve burnouts at Silver Steer Boutique. Need another color? Email us at with the color and size you are looking for and we will try to get them in.

Gearing up for Christmas!

Rockin with Winston!

Check out the newest top in the Lonewolf media lineup! Winston is channeling your inner ROCKSTAR! Order your today, just click HERE!

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Winston states, “Being a good artist mostly means you have the patience to keep erasing until you get it right :)

Ever since I was very young, I have always been drawing something. Seeing pictures in books, or watching a movie would cause me to grab a pencil and paper and start scribbling out my own version of what I had seen. Encouraged by my parents, especially my Mom, I continued to explore the world of art. Although I have never had any formal art training, I have devoured quite a few art, drawing, and anatomy books. Now, at age twenty-seven, and after much experimentation and practice, I have finally settled into what I think is a unique illustrative style. My major inspirations have been the works of Norman Rockwell and vintage advertising art of the early to mid-twentieth century.

So, from my home studio in my native state of Texas, I want to thank you for visiting my Facebook page, and I hope you enjoy my work!”

Winston has also started another venture in Leather and you can find a few of his custom pieces at Silver Steer Boutique!

Winston says, “Leathercrafting started as a hobby with me when I was in my early teens. With tools I gradually assembled, I would create basic craft projects such as wallets, and eventually moved on to belts and holsters. As with most hobbies, it one day took a back seat to other things and I set it aside for a while. Recently, I have taken it back up with a determination to design totally unique premium accessories. My approach to leather, is viewing it as an art medium, rather than just a canvas for tooling.”

My New Ride!

Do you ever wake up and say, “Did I just do that?” Well that is the best description I have for our (my husband and I) newest horse. Iron Horse that is! I am 30 and prior to a few weeks ago I had never been on a motorcycle. Our good friends convinced me to take a ride and I fell in love. Two days later…yes this is what is now parked in the garage right between the pool table and couch.


As we prepare for our first road trip the designer in me is thinking the next Silver Steer Design Top may have a bit of a Biker vibe…The wheels are turning! 

I think Silver Steers,  ”You Tell em I’m Comin” Burnout will probably see some open highway miles in very near future as well :)



Enjoy the Life’s Ride!  You never know where it might lead…

Wide Multi Strand Bracelets at Silver Steer Boutique

Multi Strand Bracelets

Faith Collection

Our first Silver Steer Boutique Polyvore! We think it will be fun to break our items into Collections from time to time to share with you!
Presenting the “Faith Collection”

Cross Cardigan
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Black Turquoise Cross Purse

Couture Cowgirl Double C