My New Ride!

Do you ever wake up and say, “Did I just do that?” Well that is the best description I have for our (my husband and I) newest horse. Iron Horse that is! I am 30 and prior to a few weeks ago I had never been on a motorcycle. Our good friends convinced me to take a ride and I fell in love. Two days later…yes this is what is now parked in the garage right between the pool table and couch.


As we prepare for our first road trip the designer in me is thinking the next Silver Steer Design Top may have a bit of a Biker vibe…The wheels are turning! 

I think Silver Steers,  ”You Tell em I’m Comin” Burnout will probably see some open highway miles in very near future as well :)



Enjoy the Life’s Ride!  You never know where it might lead…

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