Who we are…

This blog will be the behind the scenes of the girls of Silver Steer Boutique www.silversteerboutique.com ! We will post special offers and contest for merchandise at the boutique!!! We are really excited to have a place to share bits and pieces of who we are and our lifestyle with you all! Our slogan at Silver Steer Boutique is “Be the Belle of the Barn,” so what better name for the blog than “Belle of the Barn”!

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I am Missy, the founder of Silver Steer Boutique. I grew up working cattle and driving tractors. Now I am a stay at home mom of a 7 year old Diva Daughter and a 4 year old Tougher than Nails Cowboy! I am married to my high school sweetheart, who is quite a handsome Cowboy himself. He spends his days processing and feeding cattle, and much to his dismay in a tractor certain times of the year. So you may be wondering, where does the boutique fit into the mix??? While staying home with my kiddos I started making jewelry, (this is one expensive hobby) so the business was born. Just because the boutique was born doesn’t mean that I have escaped the work of the farm, pulling stock trailers, driving tractors, and feeding cattle are still a part of the territory! Which I truly enjoy (If you know my husband, please don’t tell him I said that!) A year and a half later, we have grown beyond our wildest dreams! This would not be possible without my Partner in Crime, Sarah!

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Sarah also grew up on the farm. Now holding her own on the farm, processing cattle, moving bales, and whatever else pops up! If you live on a farm, you know that the whatever pops up can be ALOT! Sarah does have a child with four legs! Her name is Oakley and she has been featured on our website and in our Ad in Bit and Bridle Magazine. Sarah designs many of the pieces in the Silver Steer Designs category of the site and provides the purses.

My Daughter has recently expressed an interest in jewelry design….did I mention earlier that is this an expensive hobby!  So her and I now partner on Bar U Jewelry Designs were you will find pieces designed and made by Rebecca.  This has officially become ~COLLEGE FUND~ category!

So remember even when you are covered in cow **** up to your knees, you can still

“Be the Belle of the Barn!”